Jack Lundeen Account Executive

Picture of Jack Lundeen

Jack began his career in 1995 with BB&A/Ad-Dimensions Advertising. He was hired initially to generate new business leads. Almost immediately, Jack experienced a great deal of success getting the agency a ‘foot in the door’ with a large number of automotive and retail prospects.

As the agency acquired new business through Jack’s efforts, he began expanding his role beyond lead generation and started working as an account coordinator on the new accounts the agency obtained. The new responsibilities were a first step in learning the intricacies of marketing both car dealerships and dealership groups.

In 1997, Jack expanded his role once again. He began working with a number of automotive clients as an account executive. The new responsibilities included overseeing every facet of retail auto marketing, including market research, creative direction & media planning. Over the years, Jack has prided himself on providing a sound marketing plan for each of his accounts based on their individual needs and goals. Many of those early clients still work with Jack to this day.

In the last 17 years, an ever-changing market has required embracing many new and innovative marketing opportunities, primarily on the Internet. He has helped his accounts navigate the many choices of web site development, social media, search engine marketing, lead generation & internal Internet department setup and staffing.

Jack and his wife of twelve years are the proud parents of two daughters. They live in Wheaton.

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